This week I found myself on the phone…a LOT.  

Yesterday went like this: 

dial number.  Get voicemail.  Leave the following voicemail, “My name is Patricia Watson, and I’m calling on behalf of my daughter.  We are trying to register her for school, and I’ve been calling you since July to get her transcripts sent.  The school here has faxed in 2 requests.  Please call me back, we need to register her by tomorrow, or she is in-eligible to fall sports.”  

Hang up.  Dial another number, leave the same voicemail.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not ONE person called me back yesterday.  I did not talk to a live person until 3:30pm.  

It was the substitute secretary for the Superintendent of Schools, whom I called after I’d left messages with the high school’s secretary, the 2 vice-principals, the principal, and the guidance office.   This woman was very helpful and gave me the name and number of the specific person I needed to talk with.  I called that person and left another voicemail.  

I left my office yesterday practically in tears worried that once again, my daughter was going to have to change plans because the adults in her life couldn’t seem to get their jobs done correctly and efficiently.  Once again, her life would be messed up because of paperwork. 

We finally did get it resolved today, while sitting in the new school’s guidance office.  I called again (3 times!) and it took them an hour and a half to fax it over.  But it’s done. 


All of this got me thinking this morning……I’m so glad that praying is not like that.  I never get a busy tone, and never have to leave a voicemail.  True, I don’t get an audible answer back from God. but I never leave a time of prayer feeling more frustrated and more irritated than when I began.  I sometimes leave without the answer I wanted, but I never leave a time of prayer without some kind of response.  I can feel God listening, because I trust that God is always there.  The WV school system may not want to talk to me…..but God certainly does.