(this was the newsletter article I wrote for our church’s October edition.)

During the first full week of school, I received a phone call from the Guidance Counselor at the girls’ elementary school. She was calling to tell me that Eva had been crying in her class and missed me. My reaction was probably not the one Mrs. Sullivan expected: I began to laugh.

I was laughing not because I thought it funny that my daughter was in pain, but out of sheer joy. This was the first time that my youngest daughter had said she missed ME during a time of sadness. For the past 4 years, any time Eva has been sad, or gotten in trouble, or been worried about something she would said, “I miss Aida,” who is her bio-mom. I understand completely why Eva misses her, but I longed for Eva to feel that way about me sometimes. And finally it happened. I spoke with Eva, comforted and consoled her, but all the while my heart was jumping for joy.

It strikes me that this is the way God feels about us when we turn to him. Just like I waited and longed for Eva to call out for me, and not her bio-mom, God longs for us to do the same. So often we turn to the things of this world to comfort us, instead of turning to the Eternal Comforter.

And when we call, God doesn’t laugh like I did; I’m sure the joy heard in heaven is a music like no other. Next time you are sad, or lonely, or worried before you call your best friend, or mother or sister, before you reach for the chocolate bar, glass of wine or the book to escape, send up a prayer to the One who waits for you.

Pastor Trish