26 of us gathered at BWI this morning to leave for our pilgrimage to Israel. Three hours later we discovered our first flight was canceled and we needed to all be re-booked and eventually driven to another airport. Our second flight left an hour and a half late, after waiting on the Tarmac for 40 minutes!

But God’s hand is still moving. I sat on my first flight next to a woman whose only daughter was adopted as an infant, and is struggling with questions of identity now as an adult. We talked about how we can let God be the center of our identity, which can begin to fill those voids left by abandonment early on. We spoke about how one of the most important pieces of a parents’ job is to provide a safe space, a non-anxious presence when the rest of the world feels chaotic and scary. And that God does that for us, as our Parent.

These were holy moments, given to us because of a flight that never happened, and a change of departure that did happen.

We are no where near our destination yet, but clearly God is already ahead of us.

I continue to ask that you pray for us as we travel, and I will be praying for you!